Wednesday, August 12, 2009

When you least expect it...

You find what you are looking for.

I had this whole damn post typed up yesterday but blogger refused to post it for some stupid reason and then when when I went to edit the post today I realized that blogger only saved half of the dang thing. I'd be frustrated but I'm still on such a 'holy crap I found my dress' high that pretty much everything is okay with the world. I even vacuumed this morning.

SO-- Here's the cool story:

On a standard errand run the other day, co-worker/bridesmate/jackieofalltrades and I are a little bored and a little sleepy. We pass a new bridal store.

"You want to go in?" jackie asks
"I mean, I'm kind of set on that trip to Houston next weekend, but we can look at styles"
"Why not?"

So we go in. And the wonderfully nice woman, at this very new little store says hello and asks what I am looking for. I told her I was looking for a tea length retro 50s sort of thing. And she smiled politely and told me she didn't have anything like that. I mean, I wasn't surprised. Not in a bad way, but my town is very big on cupcake dresses. Anyways, she mentions that sample (read: cheaper) dresses are in the back of the store, and as a plus size gal I jokingly suggest we go look because sample sizes ALWAYS fit folks larger than a size 6. Always. Because the wedding industry and the fashion industry just LOVE ladies who don't look like they could keel over from lack of food-- (I could go on).

But you know what?! They had sample dresses all the way up to 24. And all the way down to 4. Now granted, they had tons of 4,6,8,10 and even a large amount of 12s and it sort of dwindled, but they had a few dresses in my size, so I went to try them on.

The first one was terrible. The rouching was in an awkward position. There was a bit too much bling. I wasn't a cupcake, but I was sort of a bisquit blob of fabric and ill proportioned awful.

But the second one? I put it on, jackie zipped it up and I looked at myself and I said "WOW".
WOW In a good way. Usually I say "WOW" in a bad way-- in a 'really-i-actually-have-this-terrible-thing-on-right-now?" But no. This was a "Holy-crap-I-Look-Gorgeous".

And I got all blushy and giggly and felt bride-y and I didn't want to claw my eyes out or punch myself in the face or cry because I felt so fat and how o how would I ever look decent on my wedding day.

I felt really damn pretty.

BUT (there usually is a but)-- it was strapless. and I don't like strapless. But I always like boleros so the nice store lady went and grabbed me a lace bolero to try on with the dress and then I said WOWOWOWOWOW. Wanna see?

See my happy jazz hands? Isn't it oh-so vintage glam? Just the right amount of sparkle, beautiful lace overlay. It is a champagne-y sort of color so I don't look like a freaky ginger child. And it is just pretty. Pretty. Pretty. (and slimming!)

And then we tried a dark blue satin 'bolero' and I said WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW. But I don't have a photo of that. But here is a close-up!

The best part? The dress is under $375. In fact, all of their samples are under $450. So, ladies in Texas! If you haven't found your dress, and you don't mind a bit of a drive, send me an email, because you may find your dress at this store.

Happy day!


Sarah said...

I love it! It's gorgeous!You look amazing and wowza to the price i am soooo psyched!

Ruby Slippers said...

Oh yay! It's gorgeous! I love lucky finds like that. What is your fiancee going to be wearing?

Brittney said...

Gorgeous! Just gorgeous...

I can't wait until I find that dress that makes me all "blushy and giggly and bridesy"... lol I'm glad to know that feeling actually exists... and hopefully will make the expereince easier/more pleasant! lol

Victory Bird said...

Wow, you really do look stunning in that gown! Your face just lights up and it flatters your body. Great find!

Shaba said...

I love it!
Also, I saw your ring shots on your profile...are you guys interested in sharing your "proposal" story? I'd love to include more than the basic "down on one knee" stories.


So happy that you found your dress!

Tenille said...

That is such a beautiful dress. As a plus sized woman myself, I know your pain when it comes to dress shopping. But that one is stunning on you and the details are delish.

Anonymous said...

SO lovely. Really classic-- the lace is amazing, as is the color. Wow! Congratulations!

Carla said...

I love love love this dress. You're going to look amazing!

Anonymous said...

adorable and gorgeous at the same time! congrats!

Katie K said...

I'm delurking to gush over the dress! You look just beautiful! Definitely vintage-y but not in a hit you over the head kind of way. Love your blog and can't wait to read about the rest of the journey!

girlshapedlovedrug said...

Oh Man! I'd forgotten how pretty it was! You really do look amazing in it, but the biggest difference, especially to me, is how confident you were once the dress was on.

Plus size gals: don't fret there is a dress for you!

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

ooh, very pretty... love it

Susan said...

Wow! This dress is beautiful and you look beautiful in it! Congratulations!!!!!

Kathryn said...

Oh, look beautiful.