Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back

"Bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will, to be rightful, must be reasonable; that the minority possess their equal rights, and to violate would be oppression" -- Thomas Jefferson

I didn't think I would cry.

But I did.

Do what you can, if you can.

Mrs. Fix-It

I've been watching a lot of HGTV lately, and it is never a good thing. It makes me feel like I can tackle any project!

My current obsession are recycled glass tile back splashes for the kitchen.

Like this:

Now if only our landlord will let it happen! We will be living in this house for at least another 2 years, so I don't see why I can't do fun DIY projects that will up our quality of living and also help our super awesome landlord re-rent it when we leave. Has anyone installed these little guys before? It seemed pretty easy on HGTV (but a lot of things seem pretty easy on HGTV, like buying a home for instance).

Speaking of the blessed channel of Home and Garden Television. I am in love with the show 'House Hunters' because about every other day or so, I catch a gay or lesbian couple trying to buy a house and it makes me happy. The last one I saw was a cute couple looking to move back to San Fransisco. And man, did they find a sweet condo! I've seen a lot of stuff on SF lately. And another thing I want is this photo, just with me and D instead of the cute couple seen here:
How romantic and cliche, right? I love it.

Another another note, I'm hoping that today we will here a good decision about Prop 8 from the Supreme Court in CA, though I'm afraid to get my hopes up too high. I'm much more nervous than I thought I would be. Even though CA won't effect us as a couple, I feel like it effects us as a community. And this could just be a major blow (or victory!) to equal rights for everyone.

Well, hopefully Happy Tuesday, y'all.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Need a little break?

So Monday is Memorial Day! How about that! With school dwindling down in Texas, all I can think of is summer vacation. And when I think of summer vacation, or any kind of getaway I close my eyes and think of a lazy day at RiverBarnSuites.

This is the header from the website. You should go check it out. This place makes me smile just looking at it!

I don't know how many readers live in Texas, but if you do and you are looking for a wonderful escape, check it out. D and I found it last year for our respective spring breaks (the joys of teaching!). D and I are both giant Anglophiles and love the idea of Bed & Breakfasts. It was really important to me to find a B&B where we could go and be a couple and not just have to be 'roommates'. I found this funky little site called PurpleRoofs which has a compilation of gay friendly and gay and lesbian owned B&Bs that advertise on the site. If you are ever going on a vacation-- check out that site. It is pretty awesome.

Anyway, we spent 6 days at River Barn last year(named for the fact that it was once an old barn that the owner renovated into these sweet suites.) Now, any time either of us are stressed out we just close are eyes and think of relaxing time we had there. We spent 6 days reading, lounging, playing board games, taking hikes, fishing on the San Marcos and watching the river run by. It was heaven.
Look at that! Couldn't you sit there all day long?

The rooms are giant and the pricing is good, plus you can almost always find some sort of special. And in the summer, you can float the river! The owner also has fun romance packages and offers dinners as well... and dang, she is good cook. And *now* she has river front cabins available for rent as well (something we are eager to check out this summer!).

What are you waiting for? Go check it out!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Now *this* is a dress

Helllooo Lovah,

How are you doing this fine Tuesday morning? You are looking ever so cute and ever so dainty and ever so sweet! That embroidery?! Well it is just perfection.

I love the flirty flouncy back too! I look forward to meeting you in the future.
-- Hopefully yours, M.G.

Okay, so seriously. How amazing is this dress?! I found it on Whilring Turban.Com
They do all sorts of *CUSTOM* vintage dresses! This is technically knee length, and if I were to do this, I may go tea length so it is a little more formal. But I LOVE IT. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Don't tell me know expensive it is. I don't want to know right now. I just want to think about this sweet thing and smile and smile and smile.

I never thought I would like anything like this, but it just looks so cute! I'm weary of the halter/sweetheart neckline because I'm a little boobilicious, but I think I'll try on some sweetheart styles next time we go shopping and see what it looks like.

Hooray! The angry black cloud of wedding dresses has lifted and a shower of options are raining down. Yay Metaphors!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Suck it, wedding dresses.

I am seriously detesting wedding dresses at the moment. Every time we go try some on, I have an intense need for margaritas and some form of fatty cheese substance (queso usually) after. Or, you know, the bloomin' onion from the Outback-- WHICH has over your daily allotment for calories in a single bloom. Impressive.

One of our bridesmaids is in town for the summer, so I'm sure the wedding dress adventures will begin again (D already found her dress last time the bridesmaids were in town, so I'll post pictures soon). I generally try things on and look like a giant cupcake. Or look like I'm farting lace.
Example of a prime cupcake dress

People keep asking if maybe I should just wear a suit, and I keep asking if they want me to punch them in the face and to stop being counterproductive.

So, since we are having a 'traditionally non-traditional' wedding-- I'm going to start looking at some retro/vintage dresses and hope I have better luck.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Maine, it is time to elope.

Hello friends of the blogging world!

It has been a week since my last post, and I apologize. But let's celebrate! Because Maine just legalized same sex marriage and after looking around some places ... I just kind of want to elope!

I found this one place called Bear Mountain Inn and I don't know if it is due to stress, or the whole family stuff, or what but all I want to do is fly up there with D and curl up under some flannel comfy thing and watch the world go by.

I mean, look at this:
Those are the grounds. Yeah. See the GIANT LAKE. You can get married in front of it. Or just sit and watch the lake do its own lake-y thing. See the woods? I want to have a picnic on that giant front lawn.

Oh, Hi Fall! How gorgeous are you?

Doesn't that look like heaven? I'm a faux outdoorsy person. I say this in the sense that I love nature. I love look at it from the comfort of my Adirondack chair. I like hiking... for short amounts of time. I like lakes, until I start thinking about snakes. But in general, this looks like a place that just does a world of good for anyone that stays there.

Um, and they do weddings. Oh yes-- full packages. Weddings, Elopements, Engagement Packages. You name it-- they have it and not for a bad price either. Oh and did I mention that top of the page says "Bear Mountain Inn is a Gay Friendly Bed And Breakfast".

Maine, I need a vacation.