Friday, July 31, 2009

Mark Your Calendars!

We set the date! We toured the Astin Mansion on Wednesday morning, guided by our fabulous on-site coordinator, all around cool gal, Kristin. I brought the camera to take photos, but was in so much awe from how pretty the dang place was, that I forgot to take pictures. You can look at this post to see where the ceremony will take place (outside) and the possible dance floor room.

As I discussed previously, we were deciding between two dates (October 10 and November 20). We we went with neither.

I am so crazy happy to say that we will be getting married on November 21, 2010 (11.21.10)!

This day is beyond brilliant and we didn't even realize it until minutes before we started the tour. Let me explain:

You see, D and I are crazy X-Files fans. Like, whoa. In fact, much of the wooing and cute pre-dating flirting and conversations occurred around D coming over and watching old X-Files episodes. And 11.21 is a huge reference/important thing in the X-Files world. 11.21 is always seen in a time stamp, important things in the X-Files ALWAYS happen at 11:21 (am or pm). Creator Chris Carter did this as a nod to his wife's birthday. Sweet huh?


It is so perfect-- a nod to our beginnings, et all and we didn't even realize it! I love how that works out sometimes.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It is 11:35pm, do you know where your bloggers are?

I am wide awake and watching TV. We have just completed a preliminary guest list, and we are looking at roughly 150-175 guests, which I think is bigger than we want? Our meeting with the venue is tomorrow early a.m.

I can't sleep. I think it is a combination of excitement and some new medication I'm on. You see, el doctor and el fiancee are concerned about el chubby (me) getting a little too chubby and falling down the diabetes stairs. A fair concern. Honestly, a serious concern probably, but I don't like to think about it. You see, I started this blog when I was recovering from a pilonidal cyst removal in January. And due to the surgery (and the cysts) I can't really just start exercising more. Basically, I can walk or swim. And basically, my fat-ass isn't going to a public pool in a swimsuit. Call it hubris or pride or whatever, but it ain't happening. So I've started walking (nothing too crazy now) and I'm on a crazy restrictive diet and some meds to kick start my metabolism.

Just so you know 'kick start your metabolism' may or may not be doctor language for 'form of speed'. I've only been on the medication for three days, but I haven't stopped bouncing. Cue the soundtrack from 'Requiem for a Dream'.

Actually, I'm sleeping just fine, but for shorter intervals. I feel totally rested (more rested than before I started taking the meds, strangely). I am excited that this may be what I need to start losing all the weight I gained post surgery and get pack to my 'don't mess with me I may look mushy but I'm pretty scrappy' weight.

On a totall unrelated note-- if I reply to a post, do people who have already commented get notification? This has confuzzled (not a word, I know) me since I started the blog.

Going to the venue!

Tomorrow, my folks, D, one of our bridesmates and myself are venturing down to the Astin Mansion to set the date!

I am so excited! We are definitely leaning more towards November 20th. The conference issue I talked about earlier was easily solved by finding another conference that we can attend in January and after talking to friends, though 10.10.10 is an epically awesome date, 11.20.10 is just as cool and much easier travel wise.

I'm looking forward to this first venue meeting as we will be discussing a whole bunch of things-- like the food, decorations, etc, since a lot of it is all inclusive! So big post tomorrow! Also, Bridesmate JoJo and Bridal Brigadette Miller and I traveled down to Houston on Saturday to attend the BRIDAL EXTRAVAGANZA. It has to be in all caps because it is JUST SO CRAZY AND HUGE AND EXTRAVAGANZA LIKE. I am being flippant, but it is pretty damn big. I took tons of photos on my iPhone and now have to figure out how to upload them, so I can post the *brilliant* photos of bridal gowns with angel wings. Oh yes, there will be snark.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Finding the Date

So we are seriously contemplating 2 dates for next year, which is just so exciting!

The first is October 10, 2010 (10.10.10)

and the Second is November 20, 2010

Pros for October
Wicked awesome date
We would never forget our anniversary!
It is a Sunday so it would be cheaper!

We really wanted to do November, since it can still be really hot in October
It is a Sunday, so our out of town guests may not be too pleased? I'm not sure about this.
Also, maybe everyone in the world is going to try and have their wedding on this day since it is such a fantastic date!

Pros for November
It is the weekend after Harry Potter 7, which just means good things everywhere! Plus, friends of ours are already flying in for the Harry Potter premiere (we are nerds) so they would be here already!
It is a Saturday, which means we could do fun stuff on Sunday with our out of town guests. I'm not gonna lie, I love the post wedding thank you brunch.
It is the week before Thanksgiving, which means nice happy giving thanks feelings and also we'd already have the time off to go on a honeymoon!

It is a Saturday, so it would be more expensive.
This date may fall during a conference for work. Which would mean basically I couldn't go and BRizzle (the florist, jackie of all trades, biffle) who is also a colleague couldn't go either.

Quelle conundrum!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The living is easy

Sorry I haven't been around, friends. It is summer time and I think about updating a lot, but I have found recently that updating is a lot like going to the gym.

I think about it a lot, but I rarely do it.

So, today when I was sitting and thinking about going to the gym and maybe updating the blog, I did what I always do-- I turned on Food Network instead. But it was a bridal wedding cake challenge (so of course I had to watch *that* and not go the gym) But, I think we found the answer to our second cake.

Say hello to our new little friend-- the Croque em Bouche
(english translation: Delcious Cream Puffs Stacked All the Way to Happy Town)

It is a very traditional French Wedding Cake. And have I mentioned the cream puffs?! HELLO. How amazing is that?! You can even fill the puffs with different kinds of cream! And it is covered with some carmelized sugar ribbons. So basically you have carmelized sugar and CREAM PUFFS.

Sorry, I'm just really excited!


In other news, we are very close to nailing down an actual date for the wedding! And with all of this non-blogging I actually have things to blog about, which is exciting.