Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Paper Flowers

Deb is a huge book person. I am also a book gal. I love reading, when I can find the time. D and I talked about somehow incorporating our love of books into our bouquets, so naturally I went to etsy and went on a little journey:

I discovered Paper Librarian's Shop, and this great brooch, which could easily be turned in to a boutonniere:
Then I found Suzanne B Webb's shop, which has sets of these guys for very cheap:

I totally bought some. And then I came across this fun, up cycled ring bearer pillow from Weddings By Becca Mari

which lead me to this beautiful creation from the same store that has me seriously reconsidering real flowers for *at least* my bouquet:Paper Ranunculus. Gorgeous! And so well made. I would be interested to see if the book paper brooch idea would be something I could DIY, but for $5.00 for 9--- I don't know if it worth the stress, or self deprecation if I can't do it.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE the book paper flowers! I never would have thought of that. So wonderful I might even work them into our elopement! Thanks for sharing :D

Anonymous said...

No, it's not worth the trouble...buy them and have a beer in the time that you would've spent stressing over how they look. I heart ranunculus! (I didn't even know what they were before I got engaged)

rupinder said...

It’s amazing what something simple like a bouquet of flowers can do to lift a person’s spirits. Hooray for flowers in the winter!

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Wifey Wiferson said...

I love the book art! Very library chic.

Nishant said...

I love the book art!
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