Monday, February 9, 2009

Freedom to Marry Week-- It is important, friends.

From Tales of A Female Husband:

Next week is Freedom to Marry Week. Who wants to celebrate LOVE?

I hope you will join me in this blog carnival, which began last year. The way it works is simple. Each day next week, post to your blog or facebook page something on these topics, according to the “olde” wedding tradition:

Tuesday, Feb. 10… Something Old

Wednesday, Feb. 11… Something New

Thursday, Feb. 12… Something Borrowed

Friday, Feb. 13… Something Blue

Saturday, Feb. 14… Valentine’s Day: Celebrate Love

You can post a photo, a memory, a poem, some music, or a combination. Try to surprise us. And once you’re done with your post, if you leave a link in the comment section [at The Other Mother], everyone will be able to check out what you’ve done.

I'm really excited about this! And am trying to think of some good things to discuss. If you are doing it too-- please do let me know. And know this isn't just for LGBT bloggers! Anyone and everyone should do this-- it is a great way to get some topics for your blog.

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