Friday, March 20, 2009


Hooray! For most of you around the country it was Spring Break for all of those associated with education! It was for me and it was flippin' awesome!

D and I have a PoAs and Living Will! Commenter/Reader/Amazing Person Christina commented that she and her gal went through LegalZoom.Com

And so did we.

EVERYONE-- please, if you need something quick, easy and cheap that covers just about everything go check it out. It took us 6 minutes and only cost us $90 including tax. They priority mailed the package and it took about a week to get it in the mail! (We completed it last Friday, got it in the mail today). This won't cover everything, but it will protect us if D got into an accident-- I would be allowed visitation rights (which was the most important thing for us).

Tonight, two of our closest friends are coming over as witnesses and we will get it notarized at the bank tomorrow! I am excited!

For those in Texas who were looking to go through a lawyer for all this:
The LGBT lawyer is named Timothy Thomas in Dallas. I'd check him out. We will be using him in the future and he totally understood where we were coming from. His estimate for domestic partnership paperwork was around $5,000. So, start saving. There is also another LGBT lawyer in Houston that we looked into Katine and Nechman. These were the folks that represented John Lawrence in the landmark Lawrence V. State of Texas that reversed the sodomy laws in Texas! So they are A. BIG. DEAL. We never ended up contacting them, because D is from the Dallas area, so it seemed like a smart choice to work with Tim.

I hope you are having a Happy Friday!

Tomorrow or Sunday I'll post pics from the wedding we went to last weekend!

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girlshapedlovedrug said...

In between making bad ass lasanga and reading plays, I remember that I'm way behind in the blog. So hydrangeas and power of attorney--you're moving on up kid.

See you later tonight.