Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Remember that time I had a blog?

Remember when I updated on a somewhat decent schedule?

Well, then there was summer vacation. And let me tell you how nice it is from working 12 hour days to no hour days. Ahhh. Sippin' my coke zero and thinking of renovations I could do to the house, while sitting on the couch.

And I'm currently in a production of the The Producers right now and between the two, I'm spending my days zoning out on the couch watching HGTV and my evenings parading around as a nympho old lady, a gay lighting designer, and a sad sad chorus girl.


But I promise I haven't forgetten the blog. Almost every day I think, I should get on the computer and update.

And then I don't.

I'm thinking of doing quite a few posts on nice places to elope in the great new states that have just recognized LGBT couples as first-class citizens! Woot!

Any thoughts?

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