Monday, September 14, 2009

THE Dress (david's bridal, part II)

D's Dress! Which, according to the lady at David's just came in today and is ready for alterations!

From the back and from the front! (See my HUGE smile?!)

With a fun little head piece! And some goofing around.

And with two of the bridesmates! You can't tell, but the color is actually dark purple.

I think I may need to consult my etiquette book for the appropriate time for alterations... I think a year is too soon. Maybe we could do height and bustle now?

Also, huge shout out to our bridal brigadette, Sarah, for taking these fabu pictures!


JM & MJ said...

omg. does that have pockets?! the one thing i am sad bout in going the pin-up style dress route is forgoing the current pockets-in-dress trend. so practical, so lesbian.

M.G. said...

Yes! Those are pockets!! And the bridesmates have pockets too.

Anonymous said...

Pockets on dresses are the best! She looks beautiful!

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