Friday, September 11, 2009


Today our engage-aversary! A whole year of being engaged and doing cute things together affianced.... instead of girlfriends, or partners.

Affianced is such a better word. Girlfriend is confusing. See, in smaller towns, conservative cities... the south in general, "girlfriend" is usually used to describe close friends who are also girls. This can lead to very confusing, and often times embarrassing interactions with all sorts of people.......

Bad For Me:
Other person: My girlfriend and I are going to that great new romantic comedy tonight!
Me: Oh how great! I didn't know you had a girlfriend? How long have you two been together?
Other person: What?
Me: What?

And then an awkward turtle is washed up on the beach of the conversation, never to leave again.

Bad for Them:
Me: My girlfriend and I are going out to see this romantic comedy movie tonight!
Other person: Oh how fun! A girls night out!
Me: ....... Yeah! Sort of! But more like a date!
Other person: But you are both girls. ooooh your girlfriend! like *giiirrrrrllll*friend. I didn't know you were gay! You know, I have a cousin who is gay.

Now, I do not know why most people, when they first learn of a friend or acquaintances sexuality, qualify their statements with "I have a "so and so" who is "gay/lesbian/bi/transgender".

Honestly, I more commonly get the "I have a friend who is "that way", which is equally infuriating and laughable at the same time. Mainly because I tend to respond with a "That way? Does she have red hair too?" and giggle to myself and then the conversation dies a very awkward death (awkward turtles and angry beached whales abound)

Maybe I should start say "Oh! I have a friend who is straight," when people start telling me about their heterosexual significant other. I wonder if that would make me the quirky, funny, lesbian, or the angry, militant one.

Anyway, I digress.

Today is our engage-aversary! We did not realize it was Sept. 11 until a few days after we were engaged-- simply referring it to "last Thursday".

Last year, we were preparing for Hurricane Ike to pummel our houses, tear down fences and cause some pretty major damage. We were both given the 12th off to prepare. So, the 11th seemed like a pretty good day. And now, even though I started the morning somberly reading about 'the horror of a bright blue morning,' I am now quite happily thinking of our engagement last year. How I proposed first, then she ran to get my ring and got down on one knee (!) and asked me by full name to marry her. And I still kinda cry a little bit thinking about it. And I feel very loved.

So, celebrate your loved ones today.

Happy Friday, y'all.


girlshapedlovedrug said...

Ah, yes, once when I was walking down the street, I saw somebody that was ,"that way" he he he

I think its mostly a sign of acceptance, say more so, "I am cool with who you are, so don't feel like its going to stop our friendship."

So just take that "I have a blah blah that is lgbt....." as "Hey I am cool even though I'm not in the club."

Enjoy the day with your loved one, I am!

Tenille said...

I feel you!

I hear comments about how individuals are "one eighteenth Ojibway" or their "great-grandmother was half-Iroquois" once they find out I'm First Nation. And it's always white as white can be kind of people. Ookkkayy then.

But happy engage-aversary!

Ruby Slippers said...

Mwahaha. I just actually LOLed when you said, "Oh! I have a friend who is straight!"


PS- I really want to see D's dress!