Thursday, April 9, 2009

I- Owe-Ya One!

Hooray Iowa! This is awesome and amazing! As one senator said in relation to Iowa and the caucus-- "Where Iowa goes, so goes the Nation"

What an exciting day! And then Vermont to pass equal marriage rights under the legislature? What a great week for LGBT rights!

I am fighting my own battle right now, we are trying to get a National Day of Silence event in my school, but in a "non-disruptive manner" according to our principal. Every meeting seems to be postponed, and though I know it is only because our administration is terribly busy, it is still frustrating. But I'm keeping the faith and hoping we can have some event, even if it is small. I'll tell ya-- it gets exhausting repeating this conversation over and over again:

Student: Man, My homework is so gay.
Me: Is it?
Student: Yeah
Me: Is it sexually and psychologically attracted to other homeworks of the same gender?
Student: No. I guess it is just stupid then.
Me: Remember that next time.


kla_texasgirl said...

Thank you for giving me the best response I've ever heard to a misuse of the term gay! Granted I tend to work with K & 1st graders so I hope I never have to use it, but still.

Anonymous said...

That's some impressive work, teacher! We all need to learn to consider our words (and our politics) a little bit more carefully...

Ruby Slippers said...

That's awesome about Iowa! It still surprises me that here in South Africa, a 3rd world country, we managed to get gay marriage legalised and you guys are still fighting for it. I just wish people would get over themselves.

Your response to your student was priceless! You're awesome. I have no idea when things that we called "lame" or "dumb" or "stupid" started being called "gay". I just started seeing it everywhere on the internet one day. Apparently, at just 30, I am incredibly old.

Sweet Lorraine said...

I participated as an ally in the Day of Silence at my high school. While we managed to get this going during my Junior year(I don't recall if we got specific administrative permission, but we did get permission from each of our teachers ahead of time), despite trying for several years, every proposal to start a Gay-Straight Alliance was ignored or denied due to a technicality. Frustrating. I wish you luck in your own school administration battle.