Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Working on The Details

Here are more photos of the venue we really like. The blue room is where the reception would be held. This means we get to eliminate blue from the color palette (except the hydrangeas) which makes my life a little better.

Though we *thought* we had decided on colors, we are moving towards green and brown. Mainly because I found these two invitations and WE LOVE THEM. With the blue from the "blue room" in our reception-- the colors would be green, brown and blue.

This is from lilribber's etsy shop.

And this is from MewPaperArts

Here is the big dilemma-- both of these are MAJOR spring wedding invites, maybe summer. So do we move the wedding up? Noooo. I think we are going to tell the world to suck it and just have spring wedding invitations for a fall wedding. I mean, it is Texas-- so it isn't like the leaves are going to change and look pretty or anything. It just gets mildly cooler.



Nicole said...

I really like the ones with the twine. And I think green and brown could work for any time of year. Like you said, it's Texas.

And your venue is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Blue, green and brown (in similar shades) are pretty much our unofficial colours. So I'm down! And screw worrying about seasons--pretty is pretty!

Ellie said...

I think we're gonna have spring invites and possibly spring colors for our mid-October wedding. I'm not getting married before the bar, so I'm just going to ignore "nature". Plus, it will be spring/summer when our guests get the invites! I love those ones with the green...I think they are perfect for a fall wedding!

girlshapedlovedrug said...

Agreed, the green ones are the best. (told ya so) I think they fit the venue better than the first ones.

Really it doesn't matter to other people what colors you have, as long as they suit the two of you. I think they are perfect.

Sweet Lorraine said...

I'm having a fall wedding in Texas aaaaand our colors are green, brown, ivory and wheat! I think it's perfectly fine with the earth-tone autumns of Texas.