Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mrs. Fix-It

I've been watching a lot of HGTV lately, and it is never a good thing. It makes me feel like I can tackle any project!

My current obsession are recycled glass tile back splashes for the kitchen.

Like this:

Now if only our landlord will let it happen! We will be living in this house for at least another 2 years, so I don't see why I can't do fun DIY projects that will up our quality of living and also help our super awesome landlord re-rent it when we leave. Has anyone installed these little guys before? It seemed pretty easy on HGTV (but a lot of things seem pretty easy on HGTV, like buying a home for instance).

Speaking of the blessed channel of Home and Garden Television. I am in love with the show 'House Hunters' because about every other day or so, I catch a gay or lesbian couple trying to buy a house and it makes me happy. The last one I saw was a cute couple looking to move back to San Fransisco. And man, did they find a sweet condo! I've seen a lot of stuff on SF lately. And another thing I want is this photo, just with me and D instead of the cute couple seen here:
How romantic and cliche, right? I love it.

Another another note, I'm hoping that today we will here a good decision about Prop 8 from the Supreme Court in CA, though I'm afraid to get my hopes up too high. I'm much more nervous than I thought I would be. Even though CA won't effect us as a couple, I feel like it effects us as a community. And this could just be a major blow (or victory!) to equal rights for everyone.

Well, hopefully Happy Tuesday, y'all.


prettyisa said...

this might be more complex than just putting up the backsplash permanently, but you could apply the tiles to a (sturdy! very sturdy!) backer-board, leaving spaces to screw it into the wall. Don't tile over the screws (maybe sticky-tac another tile over them?) so you can take it down later. Then you just spackle over the holes, paint, and don't have to worry about the landlord.

Lysandra said...

Ha - I was going to suggest the exact same thing! If your countertop runs straight into the wall (like the photo you posted) it should work fine. If it has its own little backsplash ledge or if there are lightswitches or outlets on the wall it will get more complicated, though.

I love how the editing on HGTV makes every project seem like it takes 10 minutes. "First you draw a line like this . . . and then you have a custom built-in bookshelf!"