Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Suck it, wedding dresses.

I am seriously detesting wedding dresses at the moment. Every time we go try some on, I have an intense need for margaritas and some form of fatty cheese substance (queso usually) after. Or, you know, the bloomin' onion from the Outback-- WHICH has over your daily allotment for calories in a single bloom. Impressive.

One of our bridesmaids is in town for the summer, so I'm sure the wedding dress adventures will begin again (D already found her dress last time the bridesmaids were in town, so I'll post pictures soon). I generally try things on and look like a giant cupcake. Or look like I'm farting lace.
Example of a prime cupcake dress

People keep asking if maybe I should just wear a suit, and I keep asking if they want me to punch them in the face and to stop being counterproductive.

So, since we are having a 'traditionally non-traditional' wedding-- I'm going to start looking at some retro/vintage dresses and hope I have better luck.


Nicole said...

I definitely went through the same process of trying on dresses and never finding one. They all didn't fit or looked terrible on me and I couldn't see the final picture.

I ended up finding a pattern of the dress I want and my aunt is sewing it for me. You could do the same and have a seamstress do it for you or have some crafty, sewing machine guru friends tackle it.

Good luck!

Maria's yoga said...

Have you tried looking at more slimline dresses. The big poofy dresses made me look very cupcake y too. Although personally I love the vintage dresses. try checking out modcloth.com

Anonymous said...

My advice is to look everyone OTHER than bridal salons. It's summer--if you want a white dress, they will be everywhere. And likely far less insane than in a bridal salon.

Anonymous said...

You may have to give up the girlhood dreams of a princess-style poofy dress. I did after I tried on two and both made me look like a head poking out of a snowbank. I ended up with a knee-length strapless dress I still wear even though we canceled the wedding!

girlshapedlovedrug said...

I totally agree with the previous comments. I think looking at non-bridal dress shops and vintage shops are the key. Also don't worry about finding the dress right now. It doesn't matter that you have a dress right away.

Really, suits? How hard is it to comprehend TWO brides?

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