Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Coulda been a contender

We've been going back and forth on to send Save the Dates, or not. To make save the dates, or not. To just call people, or send out facebook invites (which we deemed not okay).

A large majority of our guests are out of towners, so it is important that they know and know early about when the wedding is, and how long they should plan on being in town and such things... and so maybe we will just send out STDs....

wait a minute--- STDs? That sounds terrible. "Sending out some STDs today"

So wrong.

Anywho-- so maybe we will send out Save the Dates only to our out of town folks..... But what to send?

a postcard.

a magnet.

Then we thought magnet postcard? But that seemed silly. And giant.

And option 3.4 -- D's brother is a pretty highfalutin web comic, and he offered to draw our save the dates, which would be awesome! Except that he has a pretty morose sense of humor, which is awesome and hilarious, and it may not be appropriate for a pre-wedding invite thingamagig.

And then we found these on etsy:

And I LOVE these! They are so fun! But-- can we make these? Should we try? I smell an adventure with stamps and pretty paper....

P.S.-- The Etsy store is Beth Blinebury and she has really really great party invites and adorable save the dates!


ColorCoated said...

That STD is super super cute!

Danger Jane said...

K and I ended up designing everything ourselves and we got our designs printed onto STD magnets at - they have some really good deals, are pretty easy to use, and tend to be very affordable (and when they aren't very affordable, they have a ton of coupons and coupon codes). As long as you don't mind getting a lot of spam email from them after (I gave them a secondary email address, rather than my main one), it's totally worth it. You could totally throw something similar to that awesome design together in photoshop or gimp (which is a free download) and see how vista print prices things in comparison. :) And the best part is that vistaprint lets you buy in bulk, rather than per card or magnet or whatever.

c.r.a. said...

I'm working on our Save-the-Dates right now (my fiancee and I are getting married in May). I think I'm going to end up doing postcards from Snapfish, (although Moo does postcards as well). We're both librarians, so we're doing a little history of our relationship in book titles. Hopefully it will turn out well - and should be pretty inexpensive.

P.S. I found your blog a while ago from a Practical Wedding and I really enjoy it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Those are so cute! I definitely want to see pictures of how yours turn out if you do them yourselves.

I had a similar dilemma. Our wedding is a year out, but in the Florida keys and I'm not sure when I ought to send them out? and then how far in advance should I sent the invites?

I ended up ordering our save the dates from Wedding Paper Divas, but I still feel a little guilty for not creating my own...

oh well, there will be many more opportunities to DIY!