Thursday, October 29, 2009

Things I Love Right Now....

1. The fact that I am finally coming out of a two 70+ hour work weeks and can start thinking about things other than theatre again!

2. The Sugar-Free Red Bulls that got me through these two weeks.

3. Celebrating engage-a-versaries, monthaversaries, and now our *official* two year anniversary.

4. The fancy invitations we fell in love with.

5. Our Halloween costumes (we are going as "Infomercials" with Snuggies, TurbieTowels, Shakeweights and other fun things we can think of!)

6. Fall Bouquets. Cue color crisis.

Aren't they just so purty?

1 comment:

DivaKitty said...

Hey! Orange Callas! Now, where have I seen that before??? Tee hee hee!