Friday, October 2, 2009

Food! Glorious Food!

With our wedding date almost a year away, I've deemed it time to think about food tasting. After all, if we want fresh, local vegetables we need to make sure they are in season! It is also a really good opportunity to meet up with our venue again and talk progress. The Astin Mansion has in house catering, which is awesome. And their food is delicious... even better. They have varied options from light snacks to a full sit down meal. We are going in the middle at the standard, good old fashioned buffet.

To be honest, I hate sit down weddings, and D out right despises them. They seem stuffy, pretentious and really boring. Plus, how can we mingle with our guests and eat at the same time if it is a sit down meal? Carry our plates and hover?


So, buffet it is. With tables provided for those who wish to sit. And taller tables for those who wish to stand, but not hover and carry their plates.

What kind of food are you planning on serving? Or if you aren't planning a wedding right now-- what kind of food do you think is totally awesome to eat at weddings?

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Danger Jane said...

K and I are going with some really awesome organic sandwiches, chips, pickles, a cheese platter and spanikopita. it's all finger food, light, lunchy, and packed with veggies. :) We're also doing a buffet, mostly cos the thought of dictating when people can eat and where and how makes my head spin with stress because i so totally don't need that kind of responsibility. *laughing*