Monday, November 2, 2009

Falling in love with fall colors (awwww)

Trying my hand at inspiration boards.... now that I have photoshop on my computer! I'm slowly falling more and more in love with these colors, and I know how much easier (read: cheaper) they will be since they will be in season.

And do you love those invitations?
Because we do, and we decided about 3 months ago to splurge and make them OURS! We were going to change the color, but if we go fall-- we won't have to... and I love that orange and cream! The best part about the shop owners, Golden Rectangle Press is that they ACTUALLY HAVE A SAME SEX INVITE on their page. Which I appreciate more than anything. I think it is one thing to support same sex marriage, but another thing entirely to put examples up on your site. So, Thanks for that one, awesome shop owner!

The Facts and Links:
Brilliant letterpress invites from Etsy shop owner, Golden Rectangle Press.
Gorgeous Cottage Photo From Evrim Icoz Photography in Portland.
Pretty Orchid Centerpiece from bridesmate Harmonious-- who found it on
The rest-- google image search: fall wedding


Nicole said...

As someone who is getting married this 11/21 I love these colors!

I found, though, that when shopping for fall stuff you should go in summer. By the time September rolled around (here at least!) all the craft stores had hidden most of their fall stuff.

good luck!!

girlshapedlovedrug said...

My favorite picture is the one above the blue one/next to the wicked invites. The unexpected pop of purple really makes me love it more.

I think the choosing the color adventure is starting the next chapter. I love fall colors, especially burnt orange and crimson. I guess since we have no change of seasons in TX; the colors are alien to us.