Monday, July 20, 2009

Finding the Date

So we are seriously contemplating 2 dates for next year, which is just so exciting!

The first is October 10, 2010 (10.10.10)

and the Second is November 20, 2010

Pros for October
Wicked awesome date
We would never forget our anniversary!
It is a Sunday so it would be cheaper!

We really wanted to do November, since it can still be really hot in October
It is a Sunday, so our out of town guests may not be too pleased? I'm not sure about this.
Also, maybe everyone in the world is going to try and have their wedding on this day since it is such a fantastic date!

Pros for November
It is the weekend after Harry Potter 7, which just means good things everywhere! Plus, friends of ours are already flying in for the Harry Potter premiere (we are nerds) so they would be here already!
It is a Saturday, which means we could do fun stuff on Sunday with our out of town guests. I'm not gonna lie, I love the post wedding thank you brunch.
It is the week before Thanksgiving, which means nice happy giving thanks feelings and also we'd already have the time off to go on a honeymoon!

It is a Saturday, so it would be more expensive.
This date may fall during a conference for work. Which would mean basically I couldn't go and BRizzle (the florist, jackie of all trades, biffle) who is also a colleague couldn't go either.

Quelle conundrum!


Brittney said...

I saw go for October! lol I thought about going for Aug 9th, 2010 (8-9-10)... I"m a nerd like that, too =)

P.S. I just found your blog and am reading over past posts... awesome =)

Caitlin said...

I vote for October... the date is cool, plus you won't have any issues with people already having plans for the holiday. There may be those who have to travel for Thanksgiving that can't afford to take the time or money to travel for the wedding as well.

Krista said...

We JUST settled on 10.10.10 ourselves in Baltimore, and are so freaking excited about how excited everyone else is for the date. Highly recommend. Plus, you'll be able to fully focus on HP when it's out in November.

Susan said...

I think that if one of your cons for November is that you can't be there should be reason enough to decide on 10/10/10! :)

Also, I love 10/10/10!!