Friday, July 31, 2009

Mark Your Calendars!

We set the date! We toured the Astin Mansion on Wednesday morning, guided by our fabulous on-site coordinator, all around cool gal, Kristin. I brought the camera to take photos, but was in so much awe from how pretty the dang place was, that I forgot to take pictures. You can look at this post to see where the ceremony will take place (outside) and the possible dance floor room.

As I discussed previously, we were deciding between two dates (October 10 and November 20). We we went with neither.

I am so crazy happy to say that we will be getting married on November 21, 2010 (11.21.10)!

This day is beyond brilliant and we didn't even realize it until minutes before we started the tour. Let me explain:

You see, D and I are crazy X-Files fans. Like, whoa. In fact, much of the wooing and cute pre-dating flirting and conversations occurred around D coming over and watching old X-Files episodes. And 11.21 is a huge reference/important thing in the X-Files world. 11.21 is always seen in a time stamp, important things in the X-Files ALWAYS happen at 11:21 (am or pm). Creator Chris Carter did this as a nod to his wife's birthday. Sweet huh?


It is so perfect-- a nod to our beginnings, et all and we didn't even realize it! I love how that works out sometimes.


JM & MJ said...

CONGRATS! The Mansion looks beautiful, and I totally endorse the nerdiness :)

Ruby Slippers said...

Oh, that's so awesome! I'm also an X-Files geek, so yay for nerdiness!

Eileen said...

It's so good you're getting married on a date you can *remember.* Otherwise, some late November morning around Year Eight, your wife will come out of the shower and say, "Hey! Guess what we forgot!"

Believe me.