Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Get Yo' Drink On!

Trying to plan a wedding right now is like pulling teeth out of a lion-- an angry lion with cavities.
But I have just discovered a beautiful little site called Freecycle. You post things you are trying to get rid of, and you can request things you are looking for, and it is a great way to recycle unwanted things in your house! I'm sure many of you already know if this site/group/amazing thing, but I just discovered it and I'm in love!

Though we don't have much planned (like you know-- colors, flowers, venue, ceremony)... we do know we want a signature drink. And in a shout out to our southern heritage we want to serve said drinks in mason jar mugs. Do you know how expensive those little f'ers are? I'm finding them for $50/dozen... And we are planning on at least 50 guests, so that price is a no go.
But with freecycle? Maybe we can turn someones clutter into our " drinking favors"

If you are curious, we are planning on making our signature drink a fancy little beverage called "Lemoneerdka"

What is this you say? That sounds ridiculous?!

It is ridiculous-- ridiculously cheap and delicious.

Here's the recipe for one pitcher:
1 Bottle Vodka (Cheap Vodka, don't waste your nice stuff on this)
2 Beers (any kind, but generic Miller/Bud/Etc is best)
1 Minute-maid concentrated Lemonade (the kind you find in the freezer section)

So, you pour about 1/3- 1/2 of the bottle of vodka, the beers and the concentrate in a pitcher.
Then you add water (about equal to the amount of vodka you have added).
Then you add ice.

Stir and serve. The great thing is this all depends on your taste. You can use lime-aid, or raspberry lemonade, whatever! And if you believe hard enough you can pretend that you are hydrating yourself while drinking this due to the water you put in.

Let me know if you've tried it and liked it! (or not liked it)

On another note-- while searching for a mason jar mug photo, I came across this mason jar light unit on a blog called Weeping Cheeries:

The blog has step by step instructions-- which seems like such a cool lighting piece for your house or your ceremony!

Mason Mug Photo From Here.


Jessica said...

As a librarian procrastinating at work, I did a little reference for you:

There not Ball but

And these:

M.G. said...

Thank you so much! This is awesome!

Ann said...

Enjoying your blog! Mason jars notwithstanding, you guys are actually quite the sophisticates. I recently visited D.C. for a week and went multiple times to this Frenchy restaurant that had a menu full of frenchy aperitifs with fancy names. It turned out most of them were beer flavored with some kind of sweet yummy. e.g., I got the "Monaco" and it was beer + grenadine. Oo la la!

sjmk said...

where i come from we call those 'skip and go nakeds' and we make them in the blender, without water. :)

great blog, and congrats on the engagement! (i just stumbled upon you today.)