Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hey, Good Lookin'-- Whatcha Got Cookin?

I am obsessed with the Food Network.

No really. I can't cook, but I feel that watching the Food Network makes me a better cook in theory. I know fancy words like 'julienne' and 'blanche' and 'fondant'. I can pretend to know how lamb should be cooked and how to make risotto. When I lived in NYC for two years, I even tried to get an internship in their accounting department-- and I hate math.

The one problem with this network, well, one show in particular--

Ace of Cakes.

It is giving me ridiculously high expectations of what our wedding cake should be. I live in a smallish town in Texas, so finding a moderately talented cake decorator is a problem. Finding a gay friendly moderately talented cake decorator is an even bigger one.

Hi. I'm Duff Goldman. I'm ridiculously talented and have a team of super-hero cake decorators that make my cakes amazing and they taste good too! Good luck trying to find something like this in the real world, bitches!

And the cake is a big f'ing deal to us. Deborah loves food, and she loves cake more than food-- more than I love the food network. And I love the astethic of quirky cakes that show a couple's personality, so we are in quite the conundrum. There isn't much more to say about it now, other than I'm sending out email after email to companies in Houston, Austin and Dallas, but is it worth the $200-400 travel fee? On top of a cake for 50-75 people?

I. Just. Don't. Know. (I actually don't think so, but the cake is one thing we agreed not to skimp on with our budget)

In the meantime, I'm reading Cake Wrecks, which is a good honest laugh at other people's expense. Check it out.

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Christa said...

Actually, their cakes taste pretty bad. My best friend interned there while she was in culinary school. I tried their plain vanilla cake and it was horrible. Betty Crocker makes better cake. And it's a lot cheaper, but not as pretty.