Thursday, January 29, 2009

Very Interesting!

A friend mentioned she couldn't find this blog today, so I just did the basic google: To Each Her Own and what pops up?

A new movie! Here's the synopsis:

'To Each Her Own' is a twenty-something coming of age story of a closeted, young married woman, Jessica Sutterland (Hannah Hogan) whose life is turned upside-down after a chance meeting with openly gay Casey (Tracy Rae).

Interesting! Apparently it has been screening all this past fall at different film festivals.

This teaches me to research before I choose a blog name, but I'm excited to have stumbled upon it.

Here's the movie poster, and a link to the site:

This now begs the question-- do I need to change the name of this blog?


ezzy said...
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girlshapedlovedrug said...

j/k I suck at life.

This blog is cute. I believe, if the movie is cute and not rainbowish then you should keep it. But if not, then a fun new blog v2.0 is in order.

Maybe rent it when it comes out. Netflix?

Meg said...

Nope. You'll generate 'google juice' as you get more readers and more links, my dear. Give it time. Now you get me when you search 'picnic wedding' I mean... who would have ever know that when I started??

You'll be just fine!

Loaf said...

Congrats on your engagement and welcome to the lesbian wedding blogosphere!

Loaf, from Tales of a Female Husband