Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pretty shiny things

I've been trying to write the 'story of our engagement' for about thirty minutes now, and it is pretty boring to people who aren't me and my fiancee. I even toyed with not writing about it, but if you are reading this-- maybe you want to know? Curiosity and all that! And in an attempt to keep it short-- Here is what you need to know:

1. We weren't planning on getting engaged until sometime this year (2009)
2. We found our rings at an outlet mall for 75% retail value (aka hella cheap)
3. We thought it was silly to own pretty shiny things and not wear them
4. We didn't just want to say-- "Oh hey we are engaged now"
5. I surprised her with a homemade dinner and the ring was sitting on top of her favorite dessert.
6. She got down on one knee.
7. We both cried.

There! Isn't that better than reading four giant paragraphs about random things that are really only important to me? I mean, I'll admit it. I'm a sap. I'm a romantic. I like tulle, organza, rose colored lighting and pretty shiny things, but after reading my fair share of different couples' wedding websites (and has a plethora) you get a little bored.

In the end of all the engagement hub-bub, we set a goal for ourselves-- we are going to try to plan our wedding like our engagement. Finding things we like, and then finding them for 75% off.

So that means a lot of DIY or DIWYF (Do It With Your Friends) or if it comes down to it-- MYFDIWY (Make Your Friends Do It You)

It won't be easy, but it would be pretty sweet.

We have tentatively set a date for November 2010, giving us ample time to cruise the interwebs, flea markets, and outlet malls for great finds. We aren't trying to have a 'cheap wedding', we are looking at it as an adventure.

For those reading, or who will come across this later-- what was your engagement like? In 7 points or less? And does it reflect in your wedding plans?


It means Grace said...

All engagement stories are sweet. Most will put you in a sugar coma, but they are still sweet. Besides, your beloved got dessert out of the deal. What could be better?

Anonymous said...

Just found you through a link on to your "stupid questions" entry.
I just got married a month ago, but ours was super small with little planning.
Our engagement:
1. I moved in.
2. His conservative family was not so thrilled.
3. We were discussing it over dinner and decided "I guess we could get married".
4. We proceeded to be engaged and lazy for about 2 years until people started asking if we were ever actually getting married. :P

I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your wedding planning. You guys seem to have the same sort of DIY mentality we did.


Maria's yoga said...

1)he randomly asked me to marry him while I was chowing down on a burrito.
2)I replied by choking. then I said yes
3)I was excited, then bored, and then after 2 years of being engaged we finally set the date.
4)in turn my parents freaked out, and tried heartily to talk me into having a huge wedding I could not afford, oh and postponing it for another 10 years.
5)giving up on the wedding and deciding to elope, which then turned into a small wedding.

I am really enjoying reading your blog. It is way more fun than actually working, or studying.