Monday, January 4, 2010

Taking the Extra Step

Sometimes, I feel there are so many extra random things LGBT couples have to think about.

First of all, there is the wording on our invites, which I haven't even begun to figure out! My parental units are helping out LOADS, emotionally and financially, but D's parents aren't even attending the wedding. At the same time, we are paying for *some* of the wedding, and trying to create the proper wording on our invitations is migraine inducing...

but that's another post, entirely.

Today, I went perusing some local stores to find "THE STORE(s)" we will be registering at for the wedding. We don't want to register at more than two stores, and we'd like to find two stores that:
1. Have the things we need/would need to register for 2. is an LGBT friendly store

I mean, we don't want our friends and family (and ultimately us) giving a store any sort of monetary gain if they do not support gay marriage.

Thankfully, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) sent me this nifty Buyer's Guide around the holidays. And since then-- it has become my go to for many things.

Did you know that Macy's and Target both received a rating of 100? But Dillard's and Wal-Mart didn't even make the list? Makes you think where you are going for that fiestaware.

One of our 2010 resolutions is to be more conscious of where our money is going. I know it is going to be difficult at times, and we will probably have to forgo convenience (ex: our closest/regular grocery store gave a significantly large sum to the Yes on 8 campaign, so now we will be driving those extra miles to another store).

And I'm sure we will be doing even more research, other than this one guide. But by supporting companies that support us, I feel much better spending all that money.


Rachel said...

Thanks so much for the link! I'm trying to be better about making every dollar count (or at least not count against causes I care about) but sometimes it's hard to find guides. This will be so helpful.

Erica said...

Check out So You're EnGAYged for wording/invite stuff:

We did a 5 part series on them last month! Good luck with them!