Monday, January 18, 2010

Rich Bride, Poor Bride

There is this new show on the TV (Women's Entertainment) called Rich Bride, Poor Bride. Maybe it isn't new, but it is new to me. And it is terrible. And amazing. And I sort of throw up a little bit when I watch it. But. I. Just. Can't. Look. Away.

I just watch these brides talk about how the day is all about them. and they are the princess. and their lactose intolerant grooms should shell out the bucks to rent an ice cream truck.

I was up till 4am last night watching this show (and Platinum Weddings-- which is pretty much the problem with America right now in 30 minutes). And I just kept getting mad! At the show! At me for watching the show and judging these brides extravagant decisions. I mean, if I had $400,000 dollars I would buy a house, but maybe they really really do care about the 700 guests, and it is money well spent.

Here was the biggest problem of all-- I was feeling 'wedding inferiority', aka my wedding isn't 'chic' enough, or cool enough, or whatever enough. And then I was feeling 'wedding superiority', aka my wedding is much more meaningful, or just plain better. And then! I felt bad for both.

We try to hard not to judge people! But there I was! Sitting and judging. And, to be honest-- I sort of liked it, in one of those twisted snarky ways. But like most things that are bad for you, I'm going to have to cut back.

I will say though, some of these weddings were gorgeous and gave me some fun ideas! I just need to remove a few zeros of the cost.

For instance-- One bride had the guests throw rose petals as the couple exited the aisle. I love this! I think it is fun and sweet and will make for a pretty awesome moment. Check this photo out:

See? Isn't that pretty?! Main difference between our wedding and the one I saw on TV? The roses won't be imported from Holland and placed in 24karat bowls. SAMs club and some pails should do just fine.