Friday, January 29, 2010

Tune it Out

I've been listening to some rocking Pandora music channels today, hoping to catch some new artists I like. I'm also secretly hoping to stumble upon some wedding songs.

Deb and I have some terrible luck when it comes to songs. We seem to have problems finding and sticking to songs that we like without being tainted. Petty or no, it is a problem. People of the Jury, may I introduce the evidence:

Exhibit #1:
Bubbly by Colbie Caillat was one of the first songs we connected with in the sappy ridiculousness of those first few months of dating. I adore this song and really love how it describes the feeling of being in love.... or so I thought. Apparently, this song is about orgasms. Or so a vast majority of the population (or just my friends) seem to think! Yes! Here I was all innocently thinking it was about love and how cute Deb looks when she crinkles her nose at me, but really the whole damn song is about sexy times. So now, thanks to that one little bird that mentioned this to us, I can't listen to the damn song without thinking "HOW MANY PEOPLE KNEW ABOUT THIS BEFORE ME?!"

Exhibit #2:
I'm Yours by Jason Mraz was, by sheer coincidence, the song that was playing when I proposed. We have loved this song for a while and I have loved Jason Mraz before he became some big alt-pop star. But now, this song is freaking everywhere! So what was once just Mr. Mraz and his ukulele, from some demo CD he made that I downloaded from Napster or something is now some giant ass song that is crazy popular, digitally mastered with strings and crap and on some stupid preview for a movie about a serial killer in Haw
aii. And I do not like that one bit.

Though I still totally heart the song, it will be played at some point the wedding... I just don't know where.

Exhibit #3:
Lakme Flower Duet by Mozart I could live with it when it was the "Virgin Airlines" theme song, and when it showed up on Godiva Chocolate commercials. Everyone loves chocolate. I could even get past that episode of the L Word. But now?! NOW
?! This gorgeous piece of music is now being used for Animal Planet's "Animals: Untamed and Uncut". And when I hear those opening notes, all I can see in my head is the lion attacking a jeep in the middle of a safari.
It really isn't a pretty site.

So what should I do? Try and block out the noise that surrounds these songs or continue searching? What if I can't tune it out and I'm walking down the aisle and see a lion attacking a jeep, and then the bull goring the bullfighter?!

I know married friends say "You won't even hear the music," but I still can't help but worry about these silly things. I think it helps me procrastinate those Save the Dates I'm supposed to be working on.

Speaking of music and save the dates-- check out these super awesome ones from Etsy Seller EliminateUgly.

The octopus is the company watermark-- wouldn't actually be on the invites..... you probably could have figured that out for yourself, but it is the end of the week and I thought I'd help you out a bit.

Happy Friday, y'all!


Anonymous said...

Mix tape Save The Dates!! Too cute!

Cupcake Wedding said...

Pandora basically made our wedding playlist. I heart it.

Nishant said...

Its Too cute!..
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