Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Save the Dates, round 2!

I'm a procrastinator. For example, our Christmas/New Year's (aka Happy Holidays) cards we ordered? They are addressed, but not stamped... and have not been sent out. Folks will probably get them in February.

Sometimes, I'm pretty terrible at the follow-through.

Which is why I realized that I needed to get the ball rolling on these Save the Date cards. Even though the wedding is 11 months (!!!!!) away! Some etiquette sites and etiquette guru friends of mine have stated that weddings that take place around holidays (IE: 4 days before Thanksgiving), should send Save The Dates out 8-12 months before the wedding.

So, in an effort to hit the 8 month mark, I'm starting on these little things early. Once ordered, I'll have two full months to gather addresses, actually address them, and then add some postage and send the suckers off.

I've also changed the design. After a change in colors, and looking at the old design too long... I decided it was too busy and I didn't like it. Besides, in 'theory', Save the Dates are supposed to set the tone of your wedding. I feel the way we are going is laid back, fun, with a nice hint of vintage-y goodness thrown in.

So, for your consideration, the final Save The Date (minus some tweaking):

The reverse side will have our names, the date (again) and the location, along with our wedding website. We don't currently have a wedding website, so once I get *that* done then I can get the dang things printed and start on this marvelous journey!

Side note: Did you know vistaprint lets you upload your design AND you can pre-pay for postage? Do you know how awesome that is for procrastinators like me?! That means all I have to do is drop them off at the post office once they are addressed! You can send it first class, or regular! It AMAZING!


Anonymous said...

Adorable Save The Date! I love it.
You can go to PrinterBees at and they will actually mail them for you!!!! :-) With first class postage. And they have absolutely the best pricing. I used them when I sent out my Save the dates.
congrats on your November wedding!

Anonymous said...

That's very cute! Plus twelve months ahead of time is a little OCD...who's gonna remember something that's a year away?

You're fine.

tara said...

I LOVE this save the date. Extremely cute.

Cupcake Wedding said...

Love. Very clever.